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Astronomy and Nature Photography

Taos, New Mexico

In classic Taos style, much of my photography is designed to be displayed as printed art, utilizing natural and electric lighting to create a vibrant and colorful appeal in a room or work space.  I have always had a strong passion for nature and photography, and am stoked we have the technology available to create beautiful artwork that will last lifetimes.  I'm dedicated to producing genuine, unique photography art that reflects my experiences and perspective of modern time and our place in the Cosmos, on Earth ...

Send a message to purchase custom made, original pieces.

Panoramas printed on various media, including canvas can be ordered, send a message for pricing and shipping info.

Order Prints Online .  These are high quality prints and will be delivered direct from the printing lab.  I highly recommend the metallic media for my astrophotography images, they tend to be slightly darker and have a vibrant appearance that makes the stars pop!


Thanks for checking out my work!  Taos is a cosmic place on this Earth, hope you're enjoying the ride!  Check back soon for more pics and flow.  Instagram @taosimagery